Conversion of fruit kernels of Algerian date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) into biodiesel

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Ahmed Boulal
Elkhadem Benmehdi
Rekia Mebarki
Kamel Hadri
Abdelaziz Aroussi


Today, renewable energies have become one of the most important concerns of the countries of the world as a result of the negative effects we have reached on the environment from our use of fossil fuels and the resulting emissions of toxic gases. It is no secret that the fields of renewable energies are very diverse, including those derived from biomass. Researchers in this field seek to diversify bioenergy sources from ethanol, biodiesel, and fuels. Biogas. Accordingly, we conducted this study using date kernel oil as a new source for biofuel extraction, and the results were as follows: oil content of 4 to 5 percent, with a very high acid number of 8.9776, which imposes on us make a reaction of esterification and transesterification. Biodiesel has a 91 percent yield and its properties are close to recognized standards compared to previous studies.

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A. . Boulal, E. Benmehdi, R. Mebarki, K. . Hadri, and A. . Aroussi, “Conversion of fruit kernels of Algerian date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) into biodiesel”, J. Ren. Energies, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 59 -, Jun. 2022.


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