A summary of methods to get parameters values of photovoltaic cells/panels

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Selma Tchoketch_Kebir


This paper presents a summary and comparative study of methods used for getting electrical unknown parameters of photovoltaic cells/panels. The exact parameters values are essential for precise mathematical modeling, simulation, and control of the photovoltaic generation systems. The many different methods are presented, discussed, and classified (general, analytical, numerical, optimization, adaptive). For comparison purposes, for each category of classification, a comparison among the best ones of them is done. An evaluation is elaborated based on the several chosen objectives function existing for the optimization-based approach. Besides, the performance of each used method is analyzed in relations of some norms: accuracy, ease of implementation, speed of convergence, computational complexity and quality of the obtained results. An effective evaluation under various climatic conditions, for diverse technologies materials, and for different manufacturers was discussed. Some statistical analysis is used to choose the best precise quality of the fitting curves to the real data. Some critical analysis is done with some evaluations, which serve to elaborate on this survey and synthesis study, which will be useful for researchers in the photovoltaic topic.

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S. . Tchoketch_Kebir, “A summary of methods to get parameters values of photovoltaic cells/panels ”, J. Ren. Energies, vol. 23, no. 1, pp. 20 -, Nov. 2020.