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Types of paper

Journal of Renewable Energies considers only Full Length Article (4000-7000 words). The research papers must be original and high-quality.

Manuscript The manuscript must be written on standard paper (A4 format) in 1.5 interline spacing format with margins of 2.5 cm on each side, justified on the right and on the left and on the front only. The manuscript must be written in Times New Roman and structured as follows:


Should be concise and informative (14 pixels).

Author names

The name(s) and family name(s) of each author must be clearly indicated (12 pixels).


The authors' affiliation addresses must be presented below the names. Indicate all affiliations with a lowercase superscript letter immediately after the author's name and in front of the appropriate address. Provide the full postal address of each affiliation, including the country name and, if available, the e-mail address of each author (11 pixels).

Corresponding author

Clearly indicated who will handle correspondence at all stages of refereeing and publication and also post-publication (11 pixels).


Every paper must be attended by an abstract concise and factual. A maximum of 200 words with no abbreviations or acronyms is recommended. The abstract should state briefly and clearly the main results of the work, major conclusions and key findings (10 pixels).


Provide a maximum of 6 keywords and avoid general and plural terms and multiple concepts. These keywords will be used for indexing purposes (10 pixels).


Provide a list of parameters and abbreviations mentioned in the text. The units must conform to the international system (10 pixels).

Main text structure

The article should be divided, clearly defined and numbered into sections. Subsections should be numbered, example: 1.1 (then 1.1.1, 1.1.2 ...), 1.2 (then 1.2.1, 1.2.2 ...), etc. The abstract is not included in section numbering (12 Pixels).


If it exists, present the acknowledgments in a separate section at the end of the article and before the references (12 Pixels).


All reference cited in the text should be numbered in square brackets. It is also present in the reference list at the end of the article in their order of appearance (12 Pixels).


Analyses and descriptions subordinate to the main theme should be detailed in the appendix. For more than one appendix, please identify it as A, B, etc. In appendices, formulae and equations should be numbered separately. Example: for equations, Eq. (A.1), Eq. (A.2), etc. for tables, Table A.1, Table A.2, etc. and for figures, Fig. A.1, Fig. A.2, etc.


Illustrations should be clear, as explicit as possible and numbered in the text. In addition, each illustration must have a legend and include a minimum but explain all the symbols and abbreviations used.


Tables should be numbered in the text and presented as editable text and not as images. The data presented in tables do not duplicate results described elsewhere in the article. MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION Please ensure that the work described in the article has not been published previously or simultaneously submitted (or published) in other journal.

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All articles are reviewed by at least two (02) suitably qualified experts. Experts may request modifications or additions from the authors. In this case, the manuscripts must be corrected and returned. Only articles having received an approving opinion will be accepted for publication.