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The Journal of Renewable Energies (Revue des Energies Renouvelables) is an international peer-reviewed journal published by the Renewable Energy Development Center (CDER). The journal was founded in 1998 to promote research and dissemination of knowledge on renewable energy. The Journal of Renewable Energies covers a wide range of topics that include but not limited to solar, wind, geothermal, biomass energy, hydrogen, and the environment. Particular attention is paid to energy analysis and modelling, energy conservation and storage, energy efficiency, energy demand and supply. The journal also welcomes papers on studies with an interaction between renewable energies and other scientific fields such as thermodynamics, mechanics, electricity, chemistry, biology, materials science and the protection of the environment.



Amar HADJ ARAB, Director of Research
Renewable Energy Development Center (CDER), Algiers, Algeria


Support Contact

Mohamed DEBBACHE, Senior researcher.

Renewable Energy Development Center (CDER), Algiers, Algeria




Renewable Energy Development Center (CDER), Algiers, Algeria

ICARES 2022 (Special Issue)


The First International Conference on Advanced Renewable Energy Systems 

Published: 2023-04-26

New graphical interface for Sizing PV systems

Fatima Bouti, Khaled Touafek, Hafsia Haloui, Abdelkrim Khelifa

19 – 29

Maxi dual axis solar tracker system

Kamel Ghanem Ghalem, Mohamed Issam Ziane, Adel Hamoul, Rabee Gheni

43 – 50

Energy Management of a Photovoltaic System with Hybrid Energy Storage Battery-Super capacitor

Ismail Hacini, Sofia Lalouni, Kassa Idjdarene, Kahina Berabez

65 – 74

Triple junction solar cell with Cu In1-x Gex Se as absorbents layers

Amina Maria Laoufi, Latifa Mousli, Benmoussa Dennai

93 – 102

Indoor Lighting Study: case of UDES’ Solar Smart House Bou-Ismail-Algeria

Aissa Meflah, Fathia Chekired, Fethi Akel, Yousria Yasmine

103 – 113

Wind Turbine-Fuel Cell Power System for Supplying Isolated Sites

Abdelghani Meziane, Fares Meziane, Salah Zouaoui

125 – 138

Measurement and Simulation of 2.25 kWp grid-connected amorphous photovoltaic station in a hot desert environment

Layachi Zaghba, Messaouda Khennane, Amor Fezzani, Abdelhalim Borni, Abdelkak Bouchakour

149 – 161

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