The Journal of Renewable Energies (Revue des Energies Renouvelables)


ISSN: 1112-2242
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The Journal of Renewable Energies (Revue des Energies Renouvelables) is an international peer-reviewed journal published by the Renewable Energy Development Center (CDER). The journal was founded in 1998 to promote research and dissemination of knowledge on renewable energy.  Two regular issues are published in June and November each year and special conference issues may be  published upon request.

The Journal of Renewable Energies covers a wide range of topics that include but not limited to solar, wind, geothermal, biomass energy, hydrogen, and the environment. Particular attention is paid to energy analysis and modelling, energy conservation and storage, energy efficiency, energy demand and supply. The journal also welcomes papers on studies with an interaction between renewable energies and other scientific fields such as thermodynamics, mechanics, electricity, chemistry, biology, materials science and the protection of the environment.



Amar Hadj Arab, Professor.
Renewable Energy Development Center (CDER), Algiers, Algeria

Publishing Director

Noureddine Abdelbaki, Professor.
Renewable Energy Development Center (CDER), Algiers, Algeria
Ouahiba Guerri, Dr.
Renewable Energy Development Center (CDER), Algiers, Algeria




EEIC'2023 (Special Issue)

The 2nd Electrical Engineering International Conference 

Published: 2024-05-09

Energy Management Applied To Non-Autonomous Photovoltaic Station For Hybrid Vehicle Loading

Kamel Djermouni, Ali Berboucha , Kaci Ghedamsi , Djamal Aouzellag , Salah Tamalouzt

33 – 45

Enhancing wind power conversion efficiency with Vernier DSPM generator and sliding mode control

Abderrahmane Redouane, Rachid Saou, Cherif Guerroudj, Amrane Oukaour

59 – 70

Control of a Wind Turbine based on DFIG by Improved Direct Torque Control using Fuzzy Logic

Karim Fathi Sayeh, Salah Tamalouzt, Djamel Ziane, Younes Sahri, Brahim Deffaf, Sofia Lalouni Belaid

71 – 78

Compare between the performance of different technologies of PV Modules using Artificial intelligence techniques

Hichem Hafdaoui, Nasreddine Belhaouas, Houria Assem, Farid Hadjrioua, Nadira Madjoudj

99 – 106

Study and sizing of a multi-source pumping system

Karim Amrouche, Radia Abdelli, Naser-Eddine Benhacine

131 – 141

Simulation of Lightning Strikes on Photovoltaic Farms

Kamal Nacereddine, Ahmed Boubakeur, Abdelouahab Mekhaldi

143 – 154

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