Coordinated Control of Wind turbine and Energy storage system for Microgrid Stability

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Nasreddine Attou
Sidahmed Zidi
Samir Hadjeri
Mohamed Khatir


In recent decades, the development of renewable energy has accelerated significantly due to several factors such as changing energy needs, the problem of global warming, and the depletion of fossil fuels. Wind energy is one of the renewable generation sources that can be used to achieve the EU's 2030 targets at a lower cost. However, its intermittent and stochastic nature could significantly impact the reliability and stability of the electricity system. Therefore, there is a clear necessity to mitigate power fluctuations to make the most of wind energy. To fill this gap, this paper presents a centralized control strategy based on a droop controller and a storage-integrated controller for a grid-connected variable speed wind power system (permanent magnet synchronous generator) (PMSG) to manage and stabilize the power output during intermittency periods. The main objective is to provide a stable U/f when a fluctuation event occurs. A grid failure scenario was tested to see how the control system behaves in the event of an unexpected fluctuation and its role in the stability of the power system under varying wind speed and load conditions. The effectiveness of the proposed control method was tested using MATLAB/Simulink on a small power system. The simulation results demonstrate the control system’s performance in the stability of the U/f during grid interruption.

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N. . Attou, S. . Zidi, S. . Hadjeri, and M. . Khatir, “Coordinated Control of Wind turbine and Energy storage system for Microgrid Stability”, J. Ren. Energies, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 21 -, Jun. 2022.


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