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The Journal of Renewable Energies (Revue des Energies Renouvelables) is an international peer-reviewed journal published by the Renewable Energy Development Center (CDER). The journal was founded in 1998 to promote research and dissemination of knowledge on renewable energy. The Journal of Renewable Energies covers a wide range of topics that include but not limited to solar, wind, geothermal, biomass energy, hydrogen, and the environment. Particular attention is paid to energy analysis and modelling, energy conservation and storage, energy efficiency, energy demand and supply. The journal also welcomes papers on studies with an interaction between renewable energies and other scientific fields such as thermodynamics, mechanics, electricity, chemistry, biology, materials science and the protection of the environment.



Amar HADJ ARAB, Director of Research
Renewable Energy Development Center (CDER), Algiers, Algeria


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Mohamed DEBBACHE, Senior researcher.

Renewable Energy Development Center (CDER), Algiers, Algeria




Renewable Energy Development Center (CDER), Algiers, Algeria

ICREATA 2021 (Special Issue)

The first International Conference On Renewable Energy Advanced Technologies And Applications (ICREATA 2021)

Published: 2022-06-21

Modeling and Control Strategy for a Wind Turbine by an AG-SMC without Wind Speed Sensor

Meddah Atallah, Abdelkader Mezouar, Kheira Belgacem, Youcef Saidi, Mohammed Amine Benmahdjoub

9 – 19

Coordinated Control of Wind turbine and Energy storage system for Microgrid Stability

Nasreddine Attou, Sidahmed Zidi, Samir Hadjeri, Mohamed Khatir

21 – 30

Performance Analysis of the Multi-Level Boost Converter (MLBC) connected in a Photovoltaic System

Nacer Bouderres, Abdelhak Djellad, Djallel Kerdoun, Azzeddine Dekhane, Issam Attoui, Sofiane Chiheb

49 – 57

Conversion of fruit kernels of Algerian date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) into biodiesel

Ahmed Boulal, Elkhadem Benmehdi, Rekia Mebarki, Kamel Hadri, Abdelaziz Aroussi

59 – 64

MPPT Fuzzy Logic Control of a Variable Speed Wind Turbine

Abdeldjalil Dahbi, Miloud Benmedjahed, Abderrahman Khelfaoui, Sara Kadi, Boualam Benlahbib, Houcine Guentri, Nouar Aoun, Abdelghani Harrag, Messaoud Hamouda, Ahmed Bouraiou, Abdeldjalil Slimani, Ammar Neçaibia, Djilali Chogueur, Boudjema Tidjar, Abdellatif Oudran, Kada Bouchouicha, Samir Mouhadjer, Tahar Touahri, Ahmed Yassine Kadri

73 – 80

Fuzzy logic concept based MPPT technique for standalone PV system

Aboubakeur Hadjaissa, Otmane Gahgouhi, Khaled Ameur, Abdelhamid Rabehi

101 – 107

Future Sustainable Water and Energy Policy for Algeria

Ait Mimoune Hamiche, Amine Boudghene Stambouli, Samir Flazi, Hideomil Koinuma

117 – 127

Assessment Microbiological and Physicochemical Quality of Figs Dried in Adrar Region, Algeria

Akil Loumani, Ahmed Amine Larbi, Ahmed Mediani, wafa Braham Chaouch, Meriama Foullanine, Cherif Tigani, Abdelkrim Djaber, Zahra Belkacem

151 – 158

Investigation, Analysis and Optimization of PEMFC Channel Cross-Section Shape

Abdallah Mohammedi, Youcef Sahli, Houcine Moungar, Mohammed Benhammou, Hocine Ben Moussa

179 – 187

A new adaptive MPPT design for photovoltaic system under real outdoor conditions

Salah Necaibia, Ammar Necaibia, Ahmed Bouraiou, Mounia Samira Kelaiaia, Hocine Labar, Wafa Tourab

189 – 197

A new algorithm described PV module’s behavior under partial shading conditions

Houssem Saber, Abdelouadoud Bendaoud, Hammoud Radjeai, Lazhar Rahmani

207 – 217

Numerical study to predict optimal configuration of wavy fin and tube heat exchanger with various tube shapes

Farouk Tahrour, Fares Djeffal, Lyes Bordja, Abdelmoumene Hakim Benmachiche

219 – 228

Investigation of monocrystalline silicon surface texturization by image processing program

Abdellah Trad khodja, Abdelkader Elamrani, Faouzi Kezzoula, Chahinez Nasraoui, Seif-Eddine Friha

229 – 236

Numerical analysis termal fluid in a heat exchanger with baffles inclination

Ahmed Youcef, Rachid Saim, Mohammed Chokri Kourti, Mohammed Benhamou

237 – 244

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