Fuzzy Logic PI controller based Direct Torque control of a Self-Excited Induction Generator through a three-level Rectifier

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Kahina Berabez
Farid Hamoudi
Kassa Idjdarene
Ismail Hacini


The main goal of this work is to control the terminal voltage of a Self-excitation induction generator (SEIG) that supplies autonomous load and is driven by a variable speed wind turbine. More advanced strategies of control have been suggested and applied these through a two-level converter. However, in this paper, we propose to study a modified DTC approach which based on the use of three-level converter (NPC structure) and instead of the traditional PI controller, we use a PI fuzzy controller to reduce torque and flux ripples, the induction generator's stator flux and electromagnetic torque are controlled using voltage space vector selection. The proposed control strategy has to maintain constant DC bus voltage regardless of load or wind speed variations. Finally, it should be noted that this control accounts for the induction generator's magnetic saturation phenomenon.

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. K. Berabez, F. . Hamoudi, K. . Idjdarene, and I. . Hacini, “Fuzzy Logic PI controller based Direct Torque control of a Self-Excited Induction Generator through a three-level Rectifier”, J. Ren. Energies, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 1 -, Sep. 2023.


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