Biodiesel production feedstocks: current state in Algeria

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Rahma Bessah
Fetta Danane
Rhiad Alloune
Sabah Abada


Research and development of affordable, sustainable, and low-carbon energy sources capable of reducing dependence on fossil fuels, contributing to social and economic development, and improving environmental and health skills have become a global priority. In recent decades, biodiesel produced from oilseeds has received significant attention as an alternative biofuel. However, the use of first-generation oilseed crops has sparked controversy, and the use of local non-edible feedstocks is considered a promising alternative. The motivation behind this review is to provide an alternative and enlightening perspective on the use of non-edible vegetable oils for biodiesel production, with a particular focus on the current state of biodiesel production in Algeria. The objective is to assess the conditions under which this production could be sustainable and environmentally friendly while maintaining a balance between energy needs, economic stability, and environmental impact.

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R. . Bessah, F. . Danane, R. . Alloune, and S. . Abada, “Biodiesel production feedstocks: current state in Algeria”, J. Ren. Energies, vol. 26, no. 2, pp. 161 -, Dec. 2023.


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