Transition Energétique - Remplacement d’une Microcentrale Diesel par un Système Renouvelable Hybride : Etude de cas.

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Aissa Dahmani
Rachid Abdessemed


This paper aims to study the replacement of a Diesel Generator based plant by a hybrid renewable system. To overcome both source and load fluctuations, a battery-based storage system is used. The renewable energy resources available in southern Algeria is considerable. Actually, this region has one of the largest wind capacity in the country with wind speeds up to 4 to 6 m/sec, the wind energy density is 280-Watt/m2/ day. Meanwhile, the solar potential is characterized by an average duration of sunshine above 11 hours/day and the energy they can provide for a large-scale industry can change the development of the region and of the whole country.
Genetic algorithms under optimtool is used to size hybrid systems. The resulting levelized cost of electricity (LPSP) of $0.262/kWh, is competitive and economical if a large-scale electricity production is undertaken. The loss of power supply probability or customer dissatisfaction rate (LPSP) of 1.2545 %, which is within standard limits.

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A. . Dahmani and R. . Abdessemed, “Transition Energétique - Remplacement d’une Microcentrale Diesel par un Système Renouvelable Hybride : Etude de cas.”, J. Ren. Energies, vol. 26, no. 2, pp. 109 -, Dec. 2023.


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