Study and sizing of a multi-source pumping system

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Karim Amrouche
Radia Abdelli
Naser-Eddine Benhacine


The growth of renewable energy development and exploitation has been strong in recent years. The multisource pumping is considered as one of the most widely adopted solutions in rural (agricultural) areas. This paper presents a study of different components of the system, including both photovoltaic and wind generators with MPPT, batteries, and a motor-pump unit. It further explores sizing and energy management. The process of sizing involves determining the optimal component capacities to meet energy demands, taking into account variables such as energy source variability and load profiles. In parallel, energy management strategies are critical to balance energy supply and demand, mitigate intermittency issues, and extend the lifespan of energy storage components. This paper explores the sizing and energy management of a multi-source system comprising a photovoltaic generator, a wind turbine with MPPT methods, a battery storage and a motor pump to meet power requirements.

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K. Amrouche, R. . Abdelli, and N.-E. . Benhacine, “Study and sizing of a multi-source pumping system”, J. Ren. Energies, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 131 -, May 2024.


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