Direct power control based virtual flux using SOGI-FLL estimator for BDFIG-WEC system

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Abderrezak Rahab
Fawzi Senani
Hocine Benalla


This paper deals with the control aspect of the brushless doubly fed induction generator, 'BDFIG' incorporating in a wind energy conversion system, 'WECS'. The control process may divide in two main parts control of machine side converter, MSC' and grid side converter, 'GSC'. Control process adopts direct power control, DPC approach thanks to its robustness and implementation simplicity direct power control permits decoupled regulation for active and reactive powers and as well pretty good robustness and performance during transient and steady state operation without PI regulators and rotating coordinate transformations. The regulation of power flow toward supply network via stator is performed using conventional direct power control at level the machine side converter where the active power reference signal is tuning depending to the output of the MPPT unit and the reactive power reference signal is set to zero to ensure unity power factor operation. Meanwhile, control of power flow between grid and grid side converter, 'GSC' is done using improved direct power control based virtual flux and Second order generalized integrator - frequency locked loop, 'SOGI-FLL' estimator in order to estimate frequency and angular position of voltage grid vector and as well power flow has been analysed during various operation conditions, 'synchronous, sub synchronous and super synchronous speeds'. The obtained simulation results show satisfactory system operation in terms of robustness and optimum power tracking behaviour and good steady state stability and finally reasonable settling time during transients.

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A. Rahab, F. Senani, and H. Benalla, “Direct power control based virtual flux using SOGI-FLL estimator for BDFIG-WEC system”, J. Ren. Energies, vol. 20, no. 3, pp. 449 - 469, Sep. 2017.