Evaluation of the Wind Power Potential in the Northeast of Chad

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Mahamat Kher Nediguina
Abakar Mahamat Tahir
Mahamat Barka
Marcel Hamda soulouknga
Jean Luc Nsouandele


Chad has done the study and development of renewable resources a priority in its energy mix. Wind energy is one of the renewable sources that can help Chad to develop rural areas and preserve the environment. This study presents from data obtained from NASA, the wind characteristics in Amdjarass, and Fada over thirty (30) years. The wind distribution density and energy potential at different heights were evaluated using the Weibull statistical analysis method. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the wind energy potential of two important sites in Chad. The study shows that over the 30 years, the mean annual wind speeds vary randomly between 4.7 m/s and 5.4 m/s over an average period of 2 years. Eight months of good average wind speeds were recorded, ranging from 5.01 m/s to 6.31 m/s at Amdjarass and 4.92 m/s to 5.70 m/s at Fada. The 04 months of low velocities observed are in the range of 3.211 m/s - 4.064 m/s at Amdjarass and 3.504 m/s - 4.516 m/s at Fada. The power density varies between 21.53 W/m2 and 111.89 W/m2 in Amdjarass, while in Fada, it varies from 19.85 W/m2 to 86.92 W/m2.

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M. K. . Nediguina, A. . Mahamat Tahir, M. . Barka, M. H. . soulouknga, and J. L. . Nsouandele, “Evaluation of the Wind Power Potential in the Northeast of Chad”, J. Ren. Energies, vol. 25, no. 1, pp. 109 -, Jun. 2022.


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