Measurement and Simulation of 2.25 kWp grid-connected amorphous photovoltaic station in a hot desert environment

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Layachi Zaghba
Messaouda Khennane
Amor Fezzani
Abdelhalim Borni
Abdelkak Bouchakour


This work investigates measurements and simulations of a 2.25 kWp grid-connected amorphous photovoltaic power plant mounted on a parked car in a hot desert environment. This power station is located at applied research unit field (URAER), in the Ghardaia region, southern region. The simulation is carried out using PVSYS software. This includes evaluation of meteorological and electrical parameters performance of studied PV system such as reference PV system, PV array yield (YA), Final yield (YF), PV array and system losses, array and system efficiency, performance ratio (PR). The array nominal energy estimated at STC is 5695 kWh/year. The energy estimated injected into the grid is 4648 kWh/year.

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L. . Zaghba, M. Khennane, A. . Fezzani, A. . Borni, and A. . Bouchakour, “Measurement and Simulation of 2.25 kWp grid-connected amorphous photovoltaic station in a hot desert environment”, J. Ren. Energies, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 149 -, Apr. 2023.


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