Performance analyses of grid-connected photovoltaic power system

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Adel Soualmia
Rachid Chenni


Grid-connected photovoltaic systems are required to introduce photovoltaic solar energy into urban areas. To analyze these systems, a 15 MWp power system has been installed at the site of Oued Keberit a town and commune in Souk Ahras, province in North-Eastern Algeria. The array power output was estimated by using measured I – V curves for the installed modules with minimization of mismatch losses. The supplied grid energy and main performances are described. Results show an annual performance of 83.9 % and the energy production is 23 735 MWh/year, which is sufficient energy to Power approximately 5 000 homes with clean renewable energy.

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A. Soualmia and R. Chenni, “Performance analyses of grid-connected photovoltaic power system”, J. Ren. Energies, vol. 21, no. 4, pp. 623 - 634, Dec. 2018.